9 Health Benefits of Silica

Health Benefits of SilicaAbout Silica

Silica or Silicon dioxide is a trace element which owes its name to Latin silex and has a chemical formula SiO2, comprising silicon and oxygen. These two are the commonest elements in our planet. You will find it in vegetables such as leafy greens and onions as well as whole grains. There are various health benefits accruing from this mineral element as we shall find out in this article.

Health Benefit 1: Promotes calcium Absorption

Silica helps the body to absorb Calcium. Lack of calcium in the body is usually linked to low amounts of silica. Research has shown that high amount of silica in the body reduces chances of broken bones regardless of the fact that the subject has calcium in the blood or not. Silica also plays a role in balancing calcium and magnesium levels. This aids in hormonal balance hence averting conditions such as osteoporosis.

Health Benefit 2: Boosts Immune System

By alkalizing the body, silica promotes the immune system. Ideally, the body performs at optimum in an alkaline-acid environment. Too much acidity causes the immune system to be compromised, leading to a variety of illnesses.

Health Benefit 3: Cardiovascular and Nervous System Health

Silica mineral is vital for a health cardiovascular health as well as the nervous system. It strengthens the immune system as well as promotes proper transmission of nerve impulses.Silican counteracts the effects of aluminum compound, hence averts debilitating nervous disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Benefit 4: Skin and Hair health

Sagging skin as well as a prematurely aging skin requires the magic effect of silica. Silica is a major component in collagen; the connective tissue that makes up the skin.Siica assists in building back damaged collagen by enhancing its production, hence healthy skin cells. Silica aids in removal of toxins brought about by digestion process. If left to accumulate, these toxins find their way into the bloodstream, causing inflammation and a scarred skin. Lastly, silica is useful in restoring luster in hair. It assists in hormonal balance and fights hair thinning or hair loss caused by hormonal imbalance. Silica binds other minerals such as aluminum as wells delivering vital nutrients where they are needed. Thus it promotes healthy hair follicles and hair growth.

Health Benefit 5: Nail Health

Silica helps in having healthy nails as it supplies them with important nutrients. It promotes growth of strong nails which do not color, chip or break.

Health Benefits 6: Anti-dote for Aluminum.

Aluminum poisoning can be counteracted by use of silicic acid, which is used as an antidote for such heavy metals. It is helpful in preventing both brain tissue calcification and aluminum toxicity. These two are associated with onset of Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia

Health Benefit 7: Combats Kidney Stones

Silica has been found to be quite effective in fighting kidney stones.Being a natural diuretic, it aids in preventing infection of the urinary tract, thereby encouraging excretion by up to 30%.

Health Benefit 8: Healthy Blood vessels

Silica fortifies blood vessels, hence preventing coronary diseases.

Health benefit 9: Anti-Inflammation

Silica has been found to reduce the inflammation in the intestinal tract.

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