Health Benefits of Red Amaranth Leaves

Health benefits of amaranth leavesHealth benefits of red Amaranth leaves include prevention of constipation among other great benefits. Amaranth is one of the amazing vegetable leaves to ever have wandered off the Garden of Eden was the Amaranth plant, nature’s gift to mankind. Amaranth plant grows wildly hence the natural tendencies to write it off as a weed. Far from it, the amaranth is a nutritious plant with many health benefits. Not only are its leaves delectable, its seeds are also edible and nutritious as well.

Benefit 1: Treatment of Diarrhea

The leaves of the amaranth have a medicinal value and are used as herb effective for the treatment of ailments such as diarrhea and stopping bleeding.

Benefit 2: Skin Problems Healing Power

For women with abnormal senses, the amaranth leaves are all you need. Do you suffer from a condition like eczema? Amaranth leaves treat this scaly, dry patches, oozing and blister and rashes that characterize this condition. Its curative properties help in treating obnoxious skin problems such also   oily skin, black heads and other scarring on your skin. Skin Dermatologists as well as homeopathic and Ayurvedic practitioners have always acknowledged the healing power of amaranth leaves for ages. In fact it is only in the recent years that the modern world has come to give this wonderful plant recognition, placing it in its rightful place in the annals of history.

Benefit 3 : Treatment of Sores and Aching and Bleeding Gums

If your mouth suffers from sores and aching and bleeding gums, look no further. Amaranth leaves extract will alleviate the condition. You need just to get the amaranth leaves extract which you can use as a mouth wash. The extract, a greenHealth benefits of red amaranth leaves liquid, can be obtained by squeezing out the juice and adding one part water to one part of the extract. You can also gaggle the amaranth leaves extract to cure a debilitating bout of sore throat.

Benefit 4: Treatment of Alopecia

 For balding people and especially those suffering from alopecia areata, the cure is a simple home remedy. Its curative properties help in slowing the greying process of your hair as well as slowing down the death of your hair follicles- the main reason why hair naturally thins out your head.

Benefit 5: Source of Protein and Unsaturated Oils

In African communities, the amaranth leaves are a delectable meal. It is used to serve a dish of ugali, a meal made from maize flour mixed with boiling water and stirred to dry, forming a hard mass. The amaranth leaves are tasty to eat and are therefore a perfect substitute for kales, a main vegetable ingredient in most average homes. Over and above that, the amaranth is a rich source of protein. It contains unsaturated oil in its seeds.

Health benefits of amaranth leaves red

Benefit 6: Source of Dietary Fiber

The leaves form a good dietary fiber hence regular consumption will alleviate conditions of constipation. The leaves can be served as salad or accompaniment to other foods and is nice breakfast greens recipe.

The amaranth leaves contain seeds which can be used as a good in making a breakfast meal of porridge. The seeds can be milled to make amaranths flour, which has in the recent past found prominence in modern supermarket shelves for those who are nutritionally conscious. So, be it the leaves for your hearty meal or as a cereal, amaranth is an important plant whose leave and seed have come to play a pre-eminence role in modern family menus.  

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