8 Health Benefits of Eating Eggplants

EggPlant Health BenefitsIf you like eggplants regularly you might have a healthy life and never imagined the health benefits you accrued from a regular meal with eggplants. Eggplants are also called brinjal or aubergine and are popularly eaten Asia. Just as the name translates ‘without meat’ eggplants are known for a number of health benefits. Eggplant is considered a health vegetable and is rich with a wide range of nutrients and minerals as you will find out here.

Health Benefit 1: Rich Source of Minerals like Iron and Calcium

Eggplant is a good source of iron and calcium and also has an iron regulation mechanism since excess iron in the body may be toxic.Nasunin potent element that helps get rid of excess iron in the body is abundant in eggplant. Eggplant is therefore important for iron regulation in the body and maintaining good cardiovascular health since iron is directly involved in the production of hemoglobin.

Health Benefit 2: Fighting Embolism caused by Blood Clots

Blood clots in the circulation can be dangerous since they pose a serious health risk. Circulation of blood clots in blood is commonly referred to embolism. This may predispose you to stoke if the clot ends up in the brain. Eggplant prevents clot formation in blood since it has bioflavonoids that strengthen capillaries and prevent clot formation.

Health Benefit 3: Improving Blood Circulation

Eating eggplants helps to improve blood circulation since it has essential phytonutrients and helps to fight cholesterol and clots accumulation in the blood vessels. With more eggplants you can get assured your blood vessels will remain strong, patent and therefore will have improved blood circulation.

Health Benefit 4: Prevent Colon Cancer

Since eggplant is rich in diet fiber, it is an important food for protecting you from colon cancer. It has been observed that people who eat food rich in diet fiber have a lower risk of developing colon cancer.

Health Benefit 5: Good for Weight LossEggPlant Health Benefits

Eggplant is a good veggie for people who are looking for calorie low vegetables. Eggplant is low in calories and has high water content. Eggplant is also free of fat and has a high fiber content making it an ideal vegetable for people who are dieting.

Health Benefit 6: Lowering ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

Eggplants have been proven by research to be very effective in lowering the ‘bad’ cholesterol. Eggplants should not be fried in fat to make them effective for lowering the ‘bad cholesterol’

Health Benefit 7:  Control High Blood Pressure and Relieve Stress

Since eggplant is high in bioflavinoids it is an important vegetable for reducing blood pressure and relieving you of stress. The reduced cholesterol is also important for preventing hypertension or reducing blood pressure. It also contains potassium in good amounts that is good for heart and vascular system. This gradually reduces chances of developing coronary heart disease too.

Health Benefit 8: Managing Diabetes

Eggplants are an important vegetable for management of diabetes since it has high fiber content, low calories and lowers cholesterol. The low soluble carbohydrate makes this vegetable ideal for diabetics. This is important for blood sugar regulation and providing other nutrients to people living with diabetes.

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  • Vinci Megan

    Eating eggplant also improves our brains cognitive skills. This considered as one of the best health benefits of eggplant.