Health Benefits of Capsicum

Health Benefits of CapsicumHealth benefits of capsicum help rid the body of carcinogens and regulate the body metabolism as the main benefits of Capsicum. It is a nutritious vegetable fruit, green and pepper shaped though more rotund. This vegetable is a common ingredient for spicing up food as a condiment or as a salad. Capsicum is laden with Vitamins such as Vitamin A and C. it is also rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful for improving your eyesight especially at night. The beta-carotene which is also found in carrots is useful for a healthy retina. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is useful for a healthy skin as well as preventing diseases such as scurvy.

Benefit 1: Capsicum Good for Fighting Cholesterol 

If you want to spice up your delectable cuisine, capsicum should be your choice. You can use it together with other similar spies such as hot sauce.  Capsicum is low in fats such the saturated fats. It is also low in calories as well as cholesterol.  Bad fats are detrimental to your health as they cause your arteries to block and heighten your risk of heart diseases. High calories may cause you to gain weight and this may render your risk of suffering from high blood pressure due to upsurge of blood sugar. Similarly, cholesterol is a product of bad fats. It is deposited as plaque in the arterial walls and cause heart problems.

Benefit 2:  Capsicum Improves Body MetabolismHealth Benefits of Capsicum

Capsicum improves the body metabolism is affected. It helps to reduce triglycerides which are responsible for storing fats in the blood. As a result, the body does not convert and store fat but instead it utilizes it by burning it down as and when it is needed. Capsicum is useful for its anti- oxidation qualities. Anti- oxidants are substances that help prevent free radicals from wrecking havoc on your body cells. They combine with other substances such as carcinogens to form abnormal cells. These cells multiply and cause tumors and cancers such as prostate cancer and colon cancer. Free radicals also lead to cellular wall damage and destruction of blood vessels.

Benefit 3:  Capsicum Relieves Pain

If you have been experienced pain in your body, you deserve pain relief. The compound called capsaicin in capsicum prevents pain receptors from sending pain to your brain from the skin via the spinal cord. For people with debilitating neurological disorders such as neuralgia, this could be the food to eat.  Neuralgia is linked to post operative pain that people experience after a major operation. It is also related to the condition occasioned by herpes zoster.

Benefit 4:  Capsicum Helps Fight Cancer

If you are determined to fight cancer, then you need to begin with capsaicin, the compound found in capsicum. Capsaicin is believed to deter carcinogens from binding with the body’s DNA. This way, it provides a wall of protection against the devastating effect of cancer.

Health Benefits of CapsicumBenefit 5: Capsicum fight Embolism (Caused by Blood clots in Blood Vessels)

In addition to that, capsicum is useful in preventing blood clotting. This is not the clotting needed when you bleed but rather the blood clots inside blood vessels. The clots are dangerous especially if they get to the brain. Capsaicin helps in dissolving such clots.

Benefit 6: Capsicum Combat Food Bacteria

 Capsaicin also help combat bacteria found on some of the foods we eat such as fish. It kills such food-borne bacteria, making the food safe for your body hence you do not suffer from food poisoning.

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