Sunflower Seeds and Oil Health Benefits

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Sunflower seeds have several health benefits known to man that include prevention of cholesterol increase, anti-inflammatory, artery obstruction prevention properties and many more health benefits. Sun flower seeds have been used as a food for many years. In different cultures across the world it has been used as a source of cooking oil as well as ingredients in baking, popularly used in the snacks. We are going to look at the different health benefits of sunflower seeds and why you should be eating more of these nutritious seeds everyday or at least once in a while.

Sunflower Seeds Health Benefits

Sunflower seeds are obtained from the sunflower plant and are black or grey in color. They are found inside black shells and have to be extracted and ground to obtain oil from these seeds. The following are the health benefits of sunflower seeds:

Good Diet Source for Rare Mineral Salts

Among the mineral salts that are abundant in the sunflower seeds include; magnesium, folates and selenium which is important for the growth of hair. The seeds are also a good source of vitamin E.

Prevents the Buildup of Cholesterol in Circulation

Sunflower seeds have a good property of lowering cholesterol in arteries something that is very important for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure.

Although sunflower seeds produce oil with polyunsaturated fats that do not rise LDL levels which is the bad cholesterol. Omega-6 fatty acids found in sunflower seeds help to prevent heart diseases.

Free Radicals Neutralization

Free radicals are dangerous to the body since they have been even attributed to the occurrence of cancer. They are atoms that are very unstable and react with the nearest atoms causing problems to other cells. Sunflower seeds produce oil that is rich in Vitamin E, the best known source of antioxidants, and lowers free radicals to a great extent and therefore prevents a wide array of diseases caused by free radicals.

Sun flower Seeds have Anti-inflammatory properties

Sunflower seeds and oil are also known for very good anti-inflammatory property. Sunflower seed and oil contain plant chemicals known as phytosterols, which help in lowering cholesterol level.

Prevention and Fighting Cancer

Sunflower seed have high selenium content that is important in the repair of DNA and helps in fighting cancer.  The strong antioxidant properties are also useful for fighting the free radicals that have been linked by several studies to occurrence of cancer.

Sunflower Oil Used for Skin Care 

Vitamin E that is abundant in the sunflower seeds oil is a perfect moisturizer that helps the skin cells in retaining water.  This is why the sunflower oil are popularly used in many cosmetic products

Sunflower Seeds Contain Phytonutrients

These phytochemicals found in sunflower seeds like choline, phenolic acid are known to prevent heart diseases and are also good for adding flavor to the food. The polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats found in sunflower seed oil makes contributes to the overall health benefit of making this oil one of the most health plant oils.

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