Health Benefits of Eating Sesame Seeds

Health Benefits of Eating Sesame Seeds blackHealth benefits of eating sesame seeds help in fighting  colon cancer, osteoporosis and post menstrual syndrome. These are just a few of the many other benefits of sesame seeds. Whenever I heard the phrase ‘open sesame’, I could not associate it with any particular so edible and beneficial as the sesame seeds. I have mined for more information regarding this nutty, yet nutritious seeds.

Benefit 1: Eat Sesame Seeds for Calories

Sesame seeds are rich in calories. They supply you with over 100% of you daily recommended allowance, hence a reliable source of energy. It therefore implies that you will be sufficiently supplied with all your energy needs. The sesame seeds area rich source of iron. Iron is vital for blood formation as well as improved and healthy circulatory system.

Benefit 2: Eat Sesame Seeds for Calcium

You require calcium to fight colon cancer, osteoporosis and post menstrual syndrome. Sesame seeds have chemical compounds with anti-oxidative properties. This helps in preventing free radicals from combining with body cells and forming cancerous cells-the cells are responsible for colon cancer. Osteoporosis results when calcium is overdrawn from the bones hence inhibiting the bone marrow from processing more iron. The bones becomes brittle and weak, disintegrating hence leading to osteoporosis. The calcium in sesame seeds help in ensuring you have sufficient calcium hence bone loss is curtailed.

Benefit 3: Eat Sesame Seeds for Healthy Vascular and Respiratory SystemHealth Benefits of Eating Sesame Seeds

Magnesium is an essential mineral for a healthy vascular and respiratory system. It ensures proper functioning of arteries and veins. Magnesium is vital for healthy pair of lungs. It ensures that the oxygen uptake is improved through the lungs by enhancing their functions. It also proper supply of blood to the vascular tissues and repair of damaged tissues.

Benefit 4: Eat Sesame Seeds for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Phosphorous found in sesame seeds is important for bone formation as well as healthy and strong teeth and gums. Sesame seeds contain sufficient amounts of phosphorous. Zinc is another mineral that is crucial for combating condition of rheumatoid arthritis, hence promoting bone health. This is particularly important for women during menopause as they tend to suffer most from bone disorders.

Benefit 5: Eat Sesame Seeds as Rich Source of Soluble Fiber

Sesame seed are a rich source of soluble fibre. This is important for tackling constipation hence an improved bowel movement. Another important aspect of sesame seeds is its ability to combat high cholesterol. This is due to presence of phytosterols which help in fighting the bad cholesterols. This lowered cholesterol is important in combating cancers as well as regulating blood sugar. This is may also go a long way in combating heart diseases as well.

Health Benefits of Eating Sesame SeedsBenefit 6: Eat Sesame Seeds to Relieve Migraines

Sesame seed play an important role in reliving conditions such as migraines in women especially those undergoing a painful a painful premenstrual syndrome. They also offer relief from the pre-menstrual syndrome in the luteal phase. This is the second half stage of the menstrual cycle.

You can take a treat of sesame butter or tahini. Tahini usually refers to sesame seeds which have been ground to paste. Both the shelled and the unshelled sesame seeds are nutritious and healthy for you. Sesame seeds have innumerable benefits as you have seen among others that cannot be exhausted. As more and more research is being undertaken on the health benefits of this seed, do not hesitate to treat yourself to a sesame meal. I would particularly recommend them to women who are in past their menopause.

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