Health Benefits of Sea Weed

benefits of seaweedSea weed doesn’t look palatable, that is until you learn what research has found out. Sea weed is highly nutritious and in fact has several health benefits. Below are the health benefits of seaweed

Improves Digestion

Scientist at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne have found that s substance in seaweed known as alginate actually strengthens the gut mucous, thereby slowing down digestion process. This has the effect of making you eat less. Sea weed is rich in fibre which releases energy slowly. A study of faecal matter in Japan also showed that sea weed adds beneficial bacteria.

 Low in calories, Laden with Nutrients

Sea weed is a healthy breakfast. A bowl of sea weed adds a mere 30 calories. On the other hand, sea weed is rich in calcium, iodine, folate and magnesium. Consume copious amounts of nori, Wakame or Arame to benefit from these nutrients…

Cardiovascular health

The brown fibres in sea weed, hence a healthy food to tackle cardiovascular health… A study in a Japan population of the longest surviving people found out that these people had low cholesterol and low in homocysteine .Homocysteine is a chemical that damages the heart. What was found in this people is the fact they ate 7-10 of the portions they consumed daily was made of sea weed.

 Has Detox Properties

Studies have shown that sea weed acts as a detoxifier by getting rid of radioactive chemical known as strontium. This is a chemical emitted from nuclear power plants in developed countries. Additionally, sea weed helps rid of toxins namely cadmium and lead both of which are present in cigarette smoke but in our surroundings.

 Regulation of Hormones

Seaweed has been found to be useful in regulation of hormones. This is because they contain lignans; plant substances which are phytoestrogens.Phytoestrogens prevent estrogens in the body hence causing exposing the body to risks of cancer such as breast cancer.

Tonic Effect

Seaweed-based drinks and soups serve as tonics especially when taken after an illness. One drink, kelp helps to lower phlegm and its hardness. In addition, sea weed improves urination and relieves swelling. Some other uses of sea weed have been found in relieving hang over, not to mention its great gastric properties.

 Healthy Foods’ Accompaniment

Sea weed goes well with quite a great deal of other healthy foods. You can take sea weed with s tofu, sushi, miso soup, vegetable, salads, stews and stir-fries, as well as greens. Sea weed has been found to give people on macrobiotic diets a shiny hair and glowing skins.