Health Benefits of Eating Sea Urchin

Health benefits of eating sea urchin Health benefits of eating sea urchin include improved virility among other Major benefits you will see in this post. Sea urchin is a ball of spines, more like a hedgehog. You may be wondering how on earth one would call a hedgehog like animal edible and nutritious. Truth is, sea urchin is a tasty and highly beneficial food. It is also delicious and absolutely yummy

Benefit 1: Protein Source like Meat, Fish and Legumes

Sea urchin is rich in proteins. It is thus a good substitute for protein rich foods such as meat, fish, beans and legumes. If you therefore want to get an enriched source of protein, don’t go for the usual suspects-meat, egg white, beans, legumes, fish and such like. You should be adventurous in your quest for alternative sources of foods with same nutritional value. If you are as nutritionally as adventurous as I am, then you will get my point.

Benefit 2: Good Dietary Fibre Source like Oatmeal, Bran and Whole Grain Goods

Sea urchins will supply as good fibre as would whole meal foods such as oatmeal, bran and other whole grain wheat products like weetabix, brown porridge and bread. Sea urchins are rich in dietary fibre which will be helpful in ensuring that you do not suffer from complications associated with deficiency in dietary fibre- constipation and haemorrhoids. If you take sea urchins regularly, your soluble fibre intake will be boosted a great deal.

Benefit 3:  Vitamin C  Health benefits of eating sea urchin 2

Sea urchins supply you with a sufficient supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to your body for combating deficiencies such as scurvy. You would ordinarily obtain this vitamin by consuming mangoes, oranges, green leafy vegetables and health supplements. If you want to have an alternative source of vitamin c, sea urchin will supply you with a sufficient amounts of vitamin C. of course if you are going to be adventurous in nature and discover so many sources of vitamins C, not just the ‘traditional’ sources as mentioned above.

Benefit 4: Vitamin A to Boost Immune System

If you are aiming for a rich, unfettered source of vitamin A, then look no further than sea urchin. It will give you just the adequate amounts of this vitamin. Vitamin A is mainly found in carrots, kale, spinach, winter squash, collard greens and turnip greens. It will nourish you with beta carotene which is beneficial for improve immune system.

Health benefits of eating sea urchin
Benefit 5: Source of Calories 

Your body is a powerhouse that requires to be fuelled regularly. Sea urchin will do exactly that. It is rich in calories that will fuel your body and give you the much needed energy after a long day of energy sapping work. Not only that, it will improve and promote your circulation of blood. This is beneficial for the proper functioning of your body organs and a healthy heart.

Benefit 6 :
Enhance Virility

Do you suffer from low libido or frigidity? In some parts of the world like Japan, sea urchin roes are a popular aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs are foods that enhance your virility hence restoring your sexual energy. You should not let your sex life suffer.  The sea urchin roes (spawns, I suppose) improves blood circulation includes your reproductive organs. Hence and therefore, it will improve on your sexual arousal. Do not sit and watch your sex life suffer. Grab a sea urchin and relish this savoury delicacy. 

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