10 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalaya-SaltHimalayan salt or rock salt is reddish to pinkish natural salt mined in the Himalayan mountains in Asia, hence the name Himalayan salt. This salt is used in various ways such as cooking and curing .Its varying colors of pink and red is a display of mineral and iron content. There are of course other health benefits of this salt.

Health Benefit 1: Synergistic Benefit

Himalayan salt interacts with other minerals such as sodium to produce favorable conditions than it would if either worked independently. Its minerals and vitamins are packaged the same way as those found in fruits in fruits and vegetables. This encourages harmony in the way these nutrients interact in the body.

Health benefit 2: Source of Iodine

Himalayan salt is a pure natural hence does not require iodine to be fortified in it.

Health Benefit 3: Low sodium Content

The crystals in Himalayan salt are larger than the normal processed salt, hence less amount of sodium salt per a quarter serving. Technically, these large crystals occupy less space in a spoon compared to small spoon.

Health Benefit 4: Mineral Rich

Himalayan salts contain various minerals such as sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium,     potassium, bromide, borate and fluoride.

  Health Benefit 5:  Excellent Detox

Himalayan Salt combining with water plays an integral role in detoxifying the body.They eliminate toxins from the body. This salt is used in baths, as brine and detoxifies through osmosis. Sodium in it binds water molecules to the outer skin layer, hence retaining moisture. The sodium also plays other important roles such as regulation of blood volume, muscle contractions, transmission of nerve impulses as well as heart functions.

Health benefit 6: Reduces Blood Pressure

By promoting blood circulation, Himalayan salt assists in reducing blood pressure. This is partly aided by the balance in the amount of salt in the blood stream; a role Himalayan salt plays only too well.

Health benefit 7: Muscle and Mind Relaxer

By establishing Create an electrolyte balance, Himalayan salt aids in relaxing the muscles as well as the mind. Reduced electrolytes are responsible for the feeling of fogginess and fatigue. This salt replenishes lost electrolytes, restoring your muscle function and giving you a relaxed mind.

Health Benefit 8: Balances Body pH

Himalayan salt assist in maintaining optimum levels of acids and bases in the body. High acidity in the body is responsible for a number of diseases that attack the body in acidic environment. Through the process of osmosis, a warm bath using this salt will suffice in restoring the pH.What is more, Himalayan salt helps get rid of heavy metals such mercury and arsenic. These metals are consumed through body’s interaction with the environment and are harmful in the long run. The crystal rock is able to break the metals’ molecular structures, dissolving and eliminating them from the body.

Health Benefit 9:  Repairs Damaged Arteries

Himalayan salt aids in preventing spider veins via improving circulation. These veins usually resemble varicose veins, though smaller. They are however closer to the skin surface. This salt also repairs your damaged arteries, hence preserving your arteries.

Health Benefit 10: Respiratory Health

Do you experience lots of mucus and phlegm in your lungs? Himalayan salt assists in clearing the mucus and helps in fighting asthma as well as conditions such as cystic fibrosis fibrosis.