10 Amazing Health Benefits of Wasabi

Health benefits of Wasabi Wasabia japonica or Eutrema japonica is a member is found in the Brassicaceae family together with cabbages, horseradish, and mustard.  The root of the Wasabi is used as a condiment and has a very strong aroma. Types of Wasabi include Wasabi Daruma and Wasabi Mazuma. Below are the various health benefits of eating Wasabi.

Health benefit 1: Antimicrobial Properties

Wasabi contains antimicrobial agents which are useful for eliminating bacteria. The Isothiocynates vapors prevent the growth of various strains of bacteria, yeast and mould. Another one, Sawa Wasabi combined with ITCs blocks Helicobacter pylori. This ability to eliminate bacteria makes it an excellent meal best prepared together with raw fish. Remember raw fish has propensity to attract bacteria during preparation due to the fact that it is eaten raw.

 Health Benefit 2:Anti-inflammatory properties

Wasabi paste is an important anti-inflammatory agent as it helps eliminate inflammation in sores, injuries among others. This is despite the fact it is claimed to cause inflammation in the nasal passageways, leading to congestion.

 Health Benefit 3: Anti Cancer Properties

It is associated with foods such as broccoli and cabbage, which have chemicals that improve liver health. The Isothiocynates or ITCs act to block enzymes that lead to pre-carcinogenic compounds to change into carcinogenic ones, known as Phase I enzymes. The chemicals enable the liver to better neutralize some highly toxic substances that travel throughout the body, leading to cancer. Wasabi reduces the risks of your developing cancer at a later stage in life.

Health benefit 4: Cardiovascular Health

Due to its ability to block platelet aggregation, wasabi helps to reduce chances of heart attack and stroke. Wasabi works by stopping on time, platelets from sticking together, which can be potentially fatal.

Health Benefit 5:  Wasabi and Arthritis

Diet rich in wasabi has anti-inflammatory properties which offer relief from aching joints. It helps inhibit inflammatory pathways which lead to inflammation. In particular is the action of isothiocynates in wasabi which also prevent inflammatory bowel disease as well as asthma.

Health Benefit 6: Prevention of Cavities

Wasabi helps in getting rid your mouth of the obnoxious cavities which cause you regular visits to your dentist. The bacteria responsible for this are the streptococcus mutans. Some studies conducted have shown that wasabi inhibits the growth of the said bacteria in the mouth due to the presence of the chemical compound isothiocynates. Isothiocynates prevent sugars from sticking on the teeth, which lead to cavities.

Health Benefit 7: Natural Sanitizer

Wasabi   has the ability to fight e.coli and staphylococcus as well as destroying pylori bacteria. This is because of its anti-bacterial action.

Health Benefit 8: Detoxifying Effects

Wasabi is a natural detoxifier as it helps the liver to get rid of toxins and carcinogens. Its photochemical help get rid of toxic compounds stored in the liver’s fatty tissues.

Health Benefit 9: Low calorie Food

 Wasabi prepared with peas makes a great low-calorie food which is suitable for those seeking to lose weight. It is therefore a suitable substitute for other snacks such as chips which are high calorie snacks.

Health Benefit 10: Boosts Digestion

Wasabi peas are perfect food for the intestinal tract as it gets rid of harmful toxins from the body. This has the effect of reducing the possibility of suffering from diverticulitis .it is also rich in fibers.