Health Benefits Shiitake Mushrooms

Top Health Benefits Shiitake Mushrooms Numerous Shiitake mushrooms health benefits that have been identified include; boosting immune system, lowering risk of cancer, reducing embolism and significantly helping in weight loss. Ample source of important body trace element (iron ) is the other benefit of  Shiitake mushrooms just like one of the health benefits of portobello mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms are very good for weight loss.

Shiitake mushrooms are a natural delicacy that comes in several varieties. Shiitake is one of the types of the many types mushrooms known to man. This type of mushroom has been found to be rich in a variety of health benefits as we shall see in this article.

Shiitake Mushrooms Benefit 1: Fighting Cholesterol

Shitake Mushrooms have been found to fight cholesterol. Cholesterol refers to the compound deposited along the arterial walls. It is usually found in animal fat and causes conditions such as heart failure and stroke. Cholesterol narrows blood vessels, affecting the flow of blood along the vessels. Shiitake mushrooms were found through a study conducted in Sweden to effectively counter the effects of cholesterol.

The mushroom was found to contain a substance known as eritadenine, which reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. Yet another study conducted in Japan found that Shiitake mushrooms increases the amount of cholesterol in the feces, an evidence that indeed, it aids in the removal of the harmful compound.

Shiitake Mushrooms Benefit 2 : Boosting the Immune System

If your immune system is weak, you should take shitake mushrooms regularly. This is because they have been found to improve the immune system, thanks to lentinan,a compound which aids in combating diseases as well as other infections. As a matter of fact, you will be able to combat common ailments like common cold, influenza as the life threatening HIV. For those patients taking prescriptions, it has been found that shitake mushrooms will work better than prescription drugs administered.

Shiitake Mushrooms Benefit 3 : Cancer PreventionHealth Benefits Shiitake Mushrooms

Cancer results from the abnormal production of cells which attack healthy body cells. Shiitake mushrooms help fight these cancerous cells by suppressing their production and multiplication. This is aided by the compound known as lentinan. The type of cancer that is specifically fought this way is Gastric cancer which affects the digestive system.

Shiitake Mushrooms Benefit 4: Thrombosis Suppression

Thrombosis results from production of clots in the blood vessels, leading to restriction of blood flow. It is a very painful condition especially when it occurs to the veins in the legs. You are most likely to experience this after a long flight or sitting position with little or no physical activity involving the affected parts. The chemical compound lenthionine found in shitake mushrooms is useful in preventing the platelets (cells useful in clotting) from clamping.

Shiitake Mushrooms Benefit 5 :Iron Benefit

Shiitake mushrooms are rich in this Iron. As we all know, iron is useful in the body for improving oxygen circulation, production of blood in the bone marrow as well as healthy bones and gums. Deficiency in this mineral leads to anemic condition. Women in particular need to consume shiitake mushrooms to restore blood lost during menstruation as well as during pregnancy. If you are fatigued, shiitake mushrooms will revitalize your body by boosting your energy levels.

Health Benefits Shiitake Mushroom 1Shiitake Mushrooms Benefit 6: Weight Loss

Many people engage in expensive diet regimes and exercise in a bid to raise weight. Shiitake mushrooms are not only a great delicacy, they also aid in weight loss. They contain  low amount of calories and that is not all, they are rich in dietary fiber which lowers the rate of digestion so you feel full most of the time; this ensures you consume less in the long run.

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