Health Benefits of White Button Mushrooms

The Health Benefits of White Button Mushrooms includes a rich source of Vitamin D, cancer prevention and much more. This is one of the rich varieties of mushrooms that you will find in the supermarket stalls near you. White button mushrooms are delicious and a rich source of minerals among a host of several other health benefits. Like Shiitake Mushrooms and Portobello Mushrooms white button mushrooms are an important agent for fighting cancer and boosting body immune system.

Many people are ignorant of the health benefits contained in white button mushrooms. Next time you go to the supermarket, check out for this rich, natural delicacy for your salad and sauce. This article looks at the health benefits of white button mushroom, enough to convince you to buy them in your next round of shopping.

White Button Mushrooms Benefit 1Rich Source of vitamin D

Research has shown that white button mushrooms are rich in vitamin D. whilst people take their most time sunning themselves to derive vitamin D, you only need to take white button mushrooms to derive 100% of the Daily Recommended Allowance (RDA). All you need to do is to soak the white button mushroom in your salad and savor the goodness.

White Button Mushrooms Benefit 2 : Combats Cancer

Just like other types of mushrooms, white button mushrooms are effective in combating cancer. Cancer results from abnormal production of cells rapidly. These cells invade and destroy healthy body cells leading  to a myriad of cancerous conditions such as gastric cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer, to name but a few.  White button mushrooms suppress a compound known as aromatase, which is known to cause cancer. White button mushrooms are powerful anti-oxidants which help to combat cancerous cells.

White Button Mushrooms Benefit 3: Estrogen Production

Estrogen is useful in the reproductive cycle in women. The same case applies to testosterone in men. However, an overproduction of either of the two could lead to a myriad of problems. For instance, overproduction of estrogen in women can lead to breast cancer while in men prostate cancer may result. A healthy serving of white button mushroom is all you need to reduce these types of cancers in the body.

White Button Mushrooms Benefit 4: Potassium Mineral

A well known fact is that all mushrooms are rich in potassium, well over and above what you get from bananas. Potassium is useful in our bodies in that it provides us with energy. Apart from that, potassium is useful in preventing heart attack, high blood pressure among other health related problems. Potassium is also useful in managing stress levels as well as water balance ( it  has water retention properties). For those with nerve problems, white button mushroom contain potassium which is useful for strengthening the reflexes in the muscles.

Health Benefits of White Button Mushrooms cancerWhite Button Mushrooms Benefit 5 : Prostate cancer

Men have a mountain hill of a task on the reproductive health scare embodied in prostate cancer. This cancer affects the prostate cancer which is found in the reproductive system. White button mushrooms help reduce the risk involving the multiplication of cancerous cells which lead to prostate cancer. Over and above that, white button mushrooms are useful in combating breast cancer in men, a rare but equally fatal cancer. With all these enumerated benefits of white button mushrooms, there is every reason to incorporate them in our daily dietary servings.

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