Health Benefits of Eating Portobello Mushrooms

Health benefits of eating Portobello MushroomsThere are many health benefits of eating portobello mushrooms that you should know. Portobello Mushrooms provide nutritional value  in terms of calories, protein and enough minerals  for your body . They make such a delectable, out of this world delicacy. Let us have a look at the health benefits of eating Portobello mushrooms.  Well, Portobello mushrooms grow four to six inches in diameter when they cap. They can then be harvested and either grilled, roasted or used together with other delicacies, depending on your taste and preference.

One cup of Portobello mushroom is equivalent to 121g which is sufficient serving per person for the daily recommended portion. This serving has an approximately 42 calories. That is moderately high content of energy per serving. This portion will not give you a lot of fat if you are keen on keeping your weight on check. With only 1g of fat content, Portobello mushrooms will not fatten you. You can however savour on the 5g of protein that is to be found on the one cup serving of this rare delicacy.

Do you suffer from constipation? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then a cup of Portobello mushrooms will provide you with a 6g of fiber in your diet. This means that Portobello mushrooms will supply you directly a modest amount of fiber if it is taken together with other food that has low or no fiber. As if that is not enough, Portobello mushrooms come packed with 6g of energy per single cup serving. This is quite a lot of energy that you would crave for especially if you take it together with fruits that are devoid of carbohydrates.

No food is ever complete if it saps off the water in your body. Portobello mushrooms provide with a high amount of water: 108g of the total weight of the mushroom.  Logically, you can see Portobello mushroom is entirely made up of water; this is more than 60% of its entire weight. I cannot overemphasize the importance of water to your body. Remember your body is 75% water and this balance gets offset when we work, sweat or partake to an activity. Revitalizing your body is key to a healthy body and that is why regularly eating Portobello mushrooms will replenish the water.

Some foods are known to contain a high amount of sodium. As we know, a high amount of sodium will lead to depletion of calcium in the sodium-calcium cycle. As such, you will need foods that won’t offset this balance. With only 12mg of sodium, Portobello mushrooms have a reasonable amount of sodium.  This is well considered a low sodium food. Given the fact sodium can readily be available from other foods, Portobello mushrooms are a safe bet for a well balanced culinary treat for you.

Considering the above nutritional benefits of Portobello mushrooms, I cannot hesitate to recommend them to you if you are a health freak; here is how you can treat yourself to a healthy meal of Portobello mushrooms. Try today a plateful of Portobello mushrooms and enjoy these health benefits of portobello mushrooms.