Health Benefits of Eating Beetroot

 Health benefits of beetrootHealth benefits of eating beetroot also called beets include heart disease prevention among other benefits. Beets may be taken as juice, powder or with apple and carrot juice. 

Beetroot gives off a red liquid which most people associate to increment in amount of blood. However, it is more of a detoxifier in that respect. The plant is has small green leaves with red stems while the edible part grows underneath as a tuber. The leaves are also edible when they are still young.

Benefit 1: Blood Pressure Regulation

Beetroot has been found to have numerous benefits. Its juice which is normally red in colour is known to help regulate blood pressure. This benefit is a result of nitrate compound which keeps heart disease at bay. The nitrates produce a gas called nitric oxide in the blood which widens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. In a research done to test this fact, it was found that healthy participants who took the nitrate as well as those who drank beetroot recovered from high blood pressure compared to those who took placebo or a drink with no medical value had no change in their blood pressure.

Benefit 2 : Increased Blood Flow to Brain

Regularly drinking beetroot has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain especially in old people. This is because nitrates and convert into nitrites in the body, a chemical that is thought to increase blood flow. Nitrites help open vessels in the blood increasing blood flow and oxygen to areas where there is shortage of both.

Benefit 3: Improved Liver Function and Help in Detoxification

Nitrates have also been linked to improved liver function. This is due to beta cyanine, a pigment found in beetroot that helps in the detoxification of the liver. This helps in removing toxins in the body and the potential build up fatty deposits.

Benefit 4:  Prevention of Stroke

The beetroot is also vital for preventing strokes and heart attacks. This is based on research which has proven that indeed beetroot a half litre of beetroot sharply cuts down on blood pressure in just under a day.

Benefit 5 : Source of Vitamin C and Iron

Beet root contains other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C is important to the body for fighting mineral deficiency disease known as scurvy while iron is necessary for blood formation.

Benefit 6  : Mood Enhancement 

Beetroot also helps to lift your mood due to the presence of butane. This chemical compound aids in the formation of serotonin which improves your general mood. So, if you are in bad mood, go for a cup of beetroot and this will ultimately your mood back to normal. Not only that, beetroot has been shown to be health for your cardiovascular tissues.  The leaves of beetroot are edible and have also been found to be better sources of iron than spinach.

Benefit 7: Boosting Stamina and Minerals like Potassium and Magnesium Levels

Beetroot has been shown to boost stamina and working out your muscles. It has potassium, magnesium, I, vitamin A, B6, carbohydrates, proteins and antioxidants.

Benefit 8: Prevention of Osteoporosis and Boosting Immune System

Beetroot helps to prevent onset of osteoporosis. It also prevents anemia and fatigue due to the presence of iron. The benefits of beetroot also include the immune system where it has been found to boost it.

Benefit 9 : Fight Body Infection through reoxygenation

 Apart from fending off infections, beetroot also helps in the re-oxygenation of cells and the production of new blood cells.

Benefit 10 : Stabilizing blood Sugar

Beetroot also helps to stabilize blood sugar as it has low glycaemia load of 2.9 and as such it’s converted very slowly into sugar and hence ensures that sugar level in the blood is sustained for long.

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