7 Health Benefits of Eating Quail Eggs

Benefits of Eating Quail Eggs

About Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are obtained from the wild quail bird, that bird which moves very fast on the ground and sometimes flies. Quail eggs are characteristically smaller than chicken eggs; they are dotted and lighter in weight. However, the nutritional value of quail eggs far surpasses those of chicken eggs as we shall find out.

 Benefit 1 : Cough and Asthma Remedy 

Quail eggs have been used for eons to treat various remedies such as asthma and coughs. Not only that, they have been used since ancient civilization to treat psoriasis and eczema. The beneficial qualities of quail eggs have led to the commercialization of the eggs. You can obtain the benefits the quail eggs in capsules. 

Benefit 2 : Dietary Source of  Vitamin and Minerals 

The eggs have a lot of vitamins and mineral salts. They contain 13% proteins. Such a high level of protein is sufficient for your daily recommended protein requirements. Quail eggs have a mind boggling 140% of vitamin B1. This implies a more than 100% of this complex vitamin B which is vital for the body. This is a remarkably more than 80% found in chicken! Also known as Thiamine, this water soluble vitamin is useful in preventing Beriberi.

Benefit  3: Good for Heme Synthesis (Blood formation ) – Useful for Anemia Management 

Quail eggs are a rich source of iron. Your body requires plenty of these mineral elements for blood formation and warding of iron deficiency ailments such as anaemia. In addition to that, Quail eggs contain potassium.

Benefit  4: Reducing Chances of Terminal Illnesses (Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer  & Arthritis )

Low potassium leads to increased chances of suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, digestive disorders among other myriads of ailments. If you are deficient of potassium, you can eat quail eggs or if not locally available, you can obtain supplements in form of capsule.

Benefit  5: Good for People Allergic to Chicken Eggs  

Chicken eggs are said to contain allergen which cause allergy. Some people eat chicken eggs and immediately start scratching themselves, vomiting and feeling nauseated. This is not the case with quail eggs. They are not only allergy free, they help to fight allergy in your body. Due to a special protein they contain known as ovomucoid.

Benefit  6 : Improve your Immunity and Memory 

We are not done yet with the benefits of eating quail eggs. If you eat quail eggs, you will be able to combat ailments such as stomach disorders. They improve on the body’s defence system, increase brain activity and improve sense of memory. Quail eggs help to increase haemoglobin and help the body rid of toxins and other metal compounds that build up in the body over the time.

By and by, quail eggs also help to treat tuberculosis, asthma and diabetes. Over and above, quail eggs take care of your kidneys, liver and gallbladder. This they do by preventing formation of stones that are related to the aforementioned organs. Quail eggs are beneficial to children are immune from suffering from infections.

Benefit 7 : Good for your Prostate 

As for men, their prostate glands are provided with phosphorus, proteins, and vitamins. These are vital nutrients that can improve your libido. Quail eggs work wonders on women hair by strengthening it and giving it an attractive sheen. So, you can have that long, free natural hair by regularly eating quail eggs. Incorporate quail eggs in your diet and you won’t regret it!