Health Benefits of Eating Virgin Coconut Oil

Health benefits of eating virgin coconut oilHealth benefits of eating Virgin Coconut Oil alternatively called extra virgin oil includes improved thyroid function and good body metabolism. If you have never cooked or eaten. If you have never cooked or eaten food with coconut oil, you may have missed out on cooking oil that is indigenously flavoured. Virgin coconut oil is highly beneficial to your health. Its benefits fat outweighs the disadvantages. There have been claims in the past about the oil being unhealthy but recent revelations indicate otherwise.

Benefit 1: Coconut Oil is good Source of Metabolic Energy

Virgin Coconut Oil is saturated. Saturated oils are oils that are solid at room temperature. Though this may be viewed in bad light (saturated fats solidify in the arteries and veins causing them to harden and are responsible for conditions such as thrombosis and other arterial diseases), the fats are actually a good source of metabolic energy. In other words, this fat can be converted into readily available energy at an instance. Their amino acid chain is between is not as complex as that of other saturated fats. It is a medium one, implying that though not oil at room temperature, its carbon atoms are not as many.

Benefit 2: Coconut Oil Improves Thyroxin Functions

If you are therefore seeking for an alternative source of rapid energy, virgin coconut oil will provide with metabolic energy faster than you would get from other carbohydrates-of course with the exception of simple sugars. I would therefore highly recommend it for people with weight problems. You will be able to shed off unwanted weight faster as using virgin coconut oil as you will be able to burn the fats faster. If your thyroid glands are not functioning properly (underperforming), you will experience lethargy.  You will be sluggish and feel tired most of the time. Virgin coconut will offer a cook solution to this problem by improving your thyroxin functions. The quick conversion of the fats in metabolic energy will provide you with instant energy and improve your energy and consequently, your performance.

Benefit 3: Coconut Oil does not Contain Trans Fats

Have you used cooking oil that changes colour at certain temperature? These are the saturated fats that have undergone hydrogenation (adding of an isomer to convert them into solid fat hence ’Trans). These are unfortunately the cooking fats that are used in most household as they are more affordable than oils. Virgin cooking oils contain no trans-fats hence they are some of the safest cooking oil that you can ever use. They do not combine with free radicals while in the body to form cancerous cells, neither are they oxidized easily at high temperatures.

Benefit 4: Coconut Oil is good for Digestive Disorders

If you experience digestive disorders, virgin cooking oil will provide you soothing feeling. This oil has anti -inflammatory properties that strike a good balance of microbial organisms found in your colon. Remember some microorganisms that inhabit your colon are responsible for the digestive disorders like colon Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Virgin coconut oil will alleviate this condition and offer you relief from such microbial action in the colon

Health benefits of eating virgin coconut oilBenefit 5: Coconut Oil is good for a Healthy Skin

Some beauty products going by the name coconut oil are also available in the market. They are popular because coconut oil is well known for its moisturizing properties. If you are looking for a moisturizer that will make your skin smooth and attractive, coconut oil is a good bet. It has no carcinogenic effect unlike most skin oils. It will make your skin supple and wrinkle free.

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  • john

    that’s not the way how to make virgin coconut oil. its just pure coconut oil but not virgin. virgin coconut oil has to be made without heating the coconut milk.

    • Cheech58

      yes you are correct no heating cold press only

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