11 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Olive OilAbout Olive Oil

Arguably the most widely-used oil in cooking, Olive oil is obtained from the olive plant, lea europaea which grows in the Mediterranean. The oil is derived from pressing whole olives to get the monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs).The various varieties of olive oil range from extra-virgin, superfine, fine, and virgin to pure depending on quality. Apart from other uses such as marinades, dressings, baking and shallow frying, here are the various health benefits of olive oil.

Health Benefit 1: Cardiovascular Health

Olive oil shields the heart from strokes and heart attack by aiding the arteries become more elastic. Make your arteries more elastic. According to a study conducted 3 years ago, olive oil also reduces chances of stroke among the elderly people due to its plasma oleic acid.

Health Benefit 2: Reduces Bad fats

The polyphenols in olive oil assist in keeping Low Density Lipoprotein (bad fats) at a minimum. These fats are responsible for various heart diseases when not put on check.

 Health Benefit 3: Satiety

Olive oil gives a feeling of satiety which makes one less hungry. This is important in reducing cravings for sweet things especially for people with a sweet tooth.

Health Benefit 4: Combats Coronary Heart Disease in Women

 It has been established that consuming plenty of leafy vegetable, olive oil assisted in lowering coronary heart diseases in women.

Health Benefit 5:  Acne Treatment

 Olive oil is used for treatment of certain pimples and blackheads, when combined with salt scrub. It penetrates the skin, giving you a silky, smooth skin bereft of greasy feeling. Legend has it that even Cleopatra held her beauty secrets up her sleeves in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

Health Benefit 6:  Protection of Red Blood Cells

Aging results from oxidation of cells. Olive oils is useful in the blood to counteract the effect of oxidation due to its  DHPEA-EDA,a  specific polyphenol. It also contains an anti-oxidant known as hydroxytyrosol which, together with vitamin E assist in preventing cell degeneration in your skin.

Health Benefit 7: Treatment of Sunburn

 By assisting your skin to retain its moisture, olive oil plays an important role in counteracting the effect of sunburn.

Health benefit 8: Anti Breast Cancer

 Olive oil is rich in photochemical that have been found to destroy and suppress in the process, cancer genes.

Health Benefit 9: Fights Memory Loss

Research has demonstrated that olive oil can help reverse memory loss brought about by Alzheimer’s disease. Research using mice has shown thatOleocanthal, a type of natural phenolic compound found in extra-virgin olive oil. With mice assists go through the abnormal Alzheimer’s disease proteins out of the brain. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease characterized by memory loss and loss of other brain functions with age.

Health Benefit 10: Combats Acute Pancreatitis

Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO   contains oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol, both of which slow down the development of acute pancreatitis. This disease causes sudden inflammation of the pancreas.

Health benefit 11: Liver Health

 EVOO may play an important role in preventing oxidative stress in the liver. Oxidative stress results cell damage occasioned by chemical reaction between free radicals and other body molecules, causing cell damage.