Health Benefits of Pistachios

Health Benefits of PistachiosHealth benefits of pistachios are arguably some of the most researched health benefits of all nuts. Pistachios belong to the rich family of nuts which include Brazil nuts, walnuts and macadamia nuts. These small nuts are highly nutritious and rich in various minerals and vitamins. We will focus on the benefits of pistachios in this post.

Benefit 1: Beta-carotene Source

They are rich in substances such as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is found in Vitamin a rich foods such as carrots and is useful in healthy eyesight and improved night vision. It is also rich in Vitamin E. The gamma-tocopherol in this vitamin is also found in dark green vegetables and is responsible for healthy skin. It is a water soluble vitamin same as -beta carotene.

Benefit 2 : Lowering Blood CholesterolHealth benefits of pistachios

Though no enough studies have been undertaken on the oxidative nature of pistachios, there is a pointer to that direction. Antioxidants help to eliminate the harmful effects of oxidizing agents such as free radicals which react with the cholesterol in blood. In particular is the Low Density Lipoprotein or LDLs found in bad fats. They are said to be responsible for the accumulation of fats in the arteries causing plaque.

 Consequently, this leads to inflammation of the arterial walls. Future epidemiological studies are anticipated to shed more light on the antioxidants in pistachios which will change the way we probably perceive this wonderful nut. The hunch however is that pistachios are good sources for antioxidants which play a crucial role in preventing inflammation of the arterial walls. I would however not want to pre-empt what researchers would be on this one, but will keep abreast on the development in future findings. Meanwhile, there is nothing to stop you from savouring a healthy treat of pistachios.

Benefit 3: Anti-oxidative Properties

The prevailing research is aimed at establishing the link between pistachios and the antioxidant property. It was adduced in a controlled experiment that diets enhanced with pistachios produced more blood plasma levels of lutein and gamma-tocopherol and consequently lower oxidized Low Density Lipoproteins or LDLs as compared to the control experiment.  What the research on pistachios indicated was that  the increase in beta- carotene and gamma- tocopherol had a direct co-relation with reduced oxidization of LDLs for a given ounce of a pistachio rich diet.

This may however be considered a small blot to the bigger and more beneficial qualities of the nut in the larger scheme of things. The researchers concluded that the oxidized levels of LDLs play a role in lowering cholesterol levels due to the antioxidants present in pistachios. It may therefore be safe to say without any shadow of doubt that indeed pistachios will continue to play a significant role as an antioxidant hence its inclusion in the heavyweight league of antioxidants is an inevitable trajectory that we are following.

Health benefits of pistachiosBenefit 4: Source of Proteins and Calories

Ensure that you spoil yourself to a healthy treat of pistachios by incorporating it in your diet. Its rich benefits far outweigh the oxidative role in question. They can be taken as a snack delicacy after meals or before meals. They make such a crunchy meal with innumerable benefits such as the protein, calorie and anti inflammatory benefits. This, coupled with its mineral and vitamin laden properties makes pistachio a must have nut in your diet. The nuts are energy powerhouse, supplying you with a sustained amount of energy that meets your Recommended Daily Allowance.

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    I ordered 2 bags of raw sea salted pistachios and am going to begin eating them every day. to lower cholesterol and benefits from the nutritional antioxidants they offer. will report back in a month to see and tell if I do see any benefits from this. also am adding pumpkin seed power to my daily regiment and also ginger tea too. arthritis has been a problem. these natural things I hope will jump start my body to be healthier for me. thanks

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    These nut are very costly, a common man cannot afford that. Even though its cost is high, but have many medicinal values and also nutritional benefits. To read more about these nuts follow us at