Health Benefits of Almonds and Cashews

Health benefits of almonds and cashews mainHealth benefits of almonds and cashews are known to help make strong bone and teeth. You are what you eat, so they say.  Nuts are a healthy treat of nature. Nuts come in various varieties. Almonds and cashew nuts have a lot of nutritional similarities although they have a distinctively different appearance. The cashew nut has a kidney appearance while the almond looks like a heart. They belong in the large family of nuts which include the macadamia, pecans and pistachios. These nuts are small but come packed with a lot of health benefits.

Benefit 1: Eat Almonds and Cashews for Healthy Bones

If you have a problem with your bones, then cashew nuts and almonds are rich enough to provide you with the necessary calcium for your bones. Almonds and cashews combat heart diseases such as thrombosis, heart attack, renal failure and stroke. This is because they are low in bad cholesterol which tends to accumulate inside your blood vessel linings. This deposit of cholesterol is responsible for heart diseases.  So if you want to ward off a potentially heart attack, incorporate these two nuts in your meals (a light snack of the two or one will suffice) and you will delight in the benefits that abound from a mouthful treat of the nuts.

Benefit 2: Eat Almonds and Cashews for a Youthful LookHealth benefits of almonds and cashews 1

Skin and hair problems are mostly associated with mineral deficiency. Your skin may be scarred and patchy. Almond and cashews are rich in vitamins and minerals that will give you that healthy and youthful look. The trace elements of minerals such as copper are useful for your hair regeneration and growth. If you are experiencing baldness or premature ageing of your hair, then it’s time to start eating the nuts. They will slow down the loss of hair from the head.

Benefit 3: Eat Almonds and Cashews for High Calories

Almonds and cashews are rich in calories. They will supply you with a high amount of calories that is higher than the recommended daily allowance. If you are low in energy reserves, instead going for a large meal of carbohydrates, a handful bite of almonds and cashews will provide you with a sustained amount of energy that is released slowly in the blood stream throughout the day hence ensuring that you stay energized.

Benefit 4: Eat Almonds and Cashews to fight Obesity

Almonds and cashew nuts help in combating obesity. This is because they do not make you fat. The fat contained in almonds and cashew nuts is unsaturated hence beneficial.

Benefit 5 : Eat Almonds and Cashews to Lower your Blood Sugar

 They also help in managing diabetes in that they regulate blood sugar so that you do not have too much sugar in the blood. The almond and cashews help in the production of insulin hence managing diabetes. Almonds and cashes are also useful in ensuring proper function of the brain. A healthy brain is crucial for the function of all the other body parts.

Health benefits of almonds and cashewsBenefit 6: Eat Almonds and Cashews for Strong Teeth

 They nourish the brain cells by supplying it with the right nutrients. They also improve and boost supply of blood to the brain. These small nuts are crucial to strong teeth. They are rich in calcium which is important for hardening the enamel, the outer part of the tooth. They boost supply of blood in the root canal and ensure healthy gums too. Savour a delightful bowl of nuts today!

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