Top 10 Foods to Keep You Healthy

Health benefits of eating venisonMany people grapple with weight problems, fat in all the wrong parts of the body and regular workouts that seems not to give the ideal figure they want. The secret to a healthy body is taking the right food. Here, then, is the list of 10 top foods that will keep you healthy.

Top 10 Foods to Keep You Healthy

Soy Protein

If you desire to provide your body with complete protein to help build muscle, then you should start with Soy protein. Soy is readily available and a rich source of protein. It provides with the right protein for well toned muscles.

  Lean Meat

Lean meat comprises of meat without bones. This is usually available in meat outlets and is a good source of protein. Skinless chicken is an equally healthy source of protein. The skin of the chicken is usually removed due to too much fat in it. The protein has also been found to be useful for metabolism which releases lots of energy during work out


Fish cannot be overemphasized for its nutritional value. Your body cannot process its own essential fatty acids and so you have to obtain from fish such as salmon. Salmon, Mackerel and cod are among the best sources of protein with essential amino acids. The oils in these fish are useful in minimizing fat in your body.


When choosing beans, go for the black beans, lentils, pinto beans, kidney beans and lentils. All the aforementioned have little, if any fats and apart from providing the body with complex carbohydrates help in maintaining blood sugar levels.

 Protein Shakes

Protein shakes comprise of a mixture of protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates. Make a healthy drink from squeezing these foods together to make a protein shake. The advantage with these shakes is that they keep you from feeling hungry too soon.

  Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a veritable source of lea protein which has been found to help to add the mass of your lean muscle.

 Green Vegetables

This list of top foods would be incomplete without the mention of greens. Vegetables such as asparagus, kale, spinach, broccoli and green beans are all sources of water, mineral salts and fiber. The greens also help to reduce the unwanted calories stored in the body.


Fruits are another good treat for a healthy body. Apart from their nutritional content, they help improve digestion and are also a good source of fiber. Examples include apple, passion fruit, oranges, avocado, apricots and pears.


Our bodies comprise over 60 percent of our body weight. This explains the important role water plays in our bodies. Water helps to keep the muscles well hydrated and augment metabolism. Over and above this water is a transport agent that helps the body to get rid of excess fat from your body