11 Health Benefits of Rosemary

Health Benefits of RosemaryRosemary, scientific Rosmarinus Officinalis, traces its origins to Latin words ‘ros’ to mean ‘dew’ and ‘marinus’, meaning ‘sea’-sea dew. Rosemary, an herb from the Mediterranean basin as well as Portugal has pink, blue or purple flowers. The leaves are usually needle-like. There are many health benefits associated with this herb as we shall find out in this article.

Health Benefit 1:Anti-Cancer Properties                                                

Rosemary is rich in carnosol, a powerful anti-cancer compound. In a study conducted using rats, it was found that carcinogen binding  in the rats was lowered by a whooping 76%,hence blocking to a very large extent  spread of breast tumors..

Health Benefit 2: Memory Boost
Rosemary has been found o contain a diterpine known as camosic acid. This acid contains neuroprotective effects that are associated with fight against Alzheimer’s disease, thereby improving on memory functions. On a lighter note, even the smell of rosemary has been found to improve memory.

Health Benefit 3: Raises Mood
Tests conducted on use of rosemary show that rosemary uplifts the mood of people.

Health Benefit 4:  Battles Migraine
 Migraine is characterized by severe, throbbing head pain that usually starts in the forehead and moves toward the sides of the head, making it more severe than normal headache. Steam obtained from boiled rosemary helps beat migraine. Being a nervous system stimulant, the medicinal benefits of rosemary increase the formation of beta waves in the brain, hence the feeling of alertness after inhaling the steam. Apart from curing your nervousness, it is believed that the smell and the uplifting of mood help put you in the right frame of mind.

Health Benefit 5: Pain Relief
Rosemary is a used as a natural treatment for arthritis, aching muscles and so on. The essential oils obtained from rosemary are applied on the affected parts for relief from pain.

Health Benefit 6: Anti-Inflammatory Properties
the two powerful anti-inflammatory found in rosemary, carnosic acid and carnosol aid in blocking COX-2, an enzyme that creates pain and inflammation in the body. The two compounds also block the excretion of excess nitric oxide, one of the compounds found to cause inflammation in the body.

Health Benefit 7:  Boosts Immune System
The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic agents in rosemary are responsible for improving the overall immunity of the body.

Health Benefit 8: Antibacterial Properties
Rosemary fights H. pylori due to its antibacterial properties. H.pylori is the bacteria responsible for causing stomach ulcers.

Health Benefits 9: Digestive Health
Rosemary is useful for treating digestive problems such as constipation, indigestion and a host of other digestive related problem. It also fights illnesses caused by contaminated food.

Health Benefit 10: Hair Growth
Rosemary has been found to help hair regenerate. When rubbed together with lavender, thyme and cedar wood on the scalp for some time, it is observed that hair grows back on the scalp. This is definitely good news for people suffering from disorders such as alopecia.

Health Benefit 11:Anti-Aging
Rosemary is used as an ingredient for making anti-aging skin. This is because it lowers puffiness, brings about cell regeneration as well as promoting a well toned skin. It also comes as an anti-inflammatory agent, not to mention that it boosts flow of blood to the skin

Photo Credit Juni from Kyoto, Japan via Creative Commons