Top 10 Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking for Women

Health Benefits of Quitting SmokingQuitting smoking is one of the best life changing decisions women smokers can make. Smoking is one of the many dangerous lifestyle habits that increase the risk of cancer and heart disease. To avert the development of heart diseases most women who smoke are advised to stop smoking. Tobacco has been associated with the risk of heart diseases in many studies and there are many health benefits of quitting smoking. Here are the top 10 health benefits for those women who are ready to stop smoking today!

Health Benefit 1: Increase Your Fertility

The first health benefit for women who quit smoking is increase fertility. It has been found out that non-smoking women who are in the reproductive age are more fertile than women smokers.  Quitting smoking helps in improving the uterus endomentrum (lining of the uterus) and increasing the chances of fertilization since the sperms become more potent.

Health Benefit 2: Conceive and Give Birth to a Healthy Baby

Smoking is highly discouraged in women who are pregnant since it increases the risk of congenital defects in the unborn baby. It is therefore important for women to quit smoking if they are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant for them to convince and give birth. It has also been found that women who smoke during pregnancy have higher chances of miscarriages than non-smokers.

Health Benefit 3: Improve your Sex Life and Orgasms

Women who stop smoking get improved blood flow that is important for sensitivity. Women who quit smoking have better arousals rates than women smokers. There is also an issue of better sexual appeal that is associated with women who do not smoke. Women who do not smoke are more appealing to their partners than those who smoke.

Health Benefit 4: Maintain a Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Smoking tends to aggravate the rate of aging and therefore women who smoke don’t benefit from delayed aging process unlike non-smokers. Quitting smoking helps in slowing down facial aging thereby helping you appear younger and beautiful. It has been argued that skin of non smoking women tend to be appealing since there are more nutrients and oxygen to nourish it than in the case of women smokers.

Health Benefit 5: Keep Your Teeth White

Every woman wants to have nice teeth that are white and gleaning. Tobacco is notorious for staining teeth and predisposes you to gum diseases. For better oral health, women who smoke are advised to quit smoking to help reduce teeth discoloration and development of gum disease.

Health Benefit 6: Get Your Fresh Breath Back

Women smokers tend to develop the long term problem of halitosis (bad breath). Quitting smoking helps you get your fresh breath back. Tobacco is a notorious bad breath cause which leads to social stigma. You should quit smoking to help solve bad breath problem.

Health Benefit 7: Improve Respiration

Quitting smoking helps the body to breath normally and reduces the work of lung’s cilia of removing the foreign bodies in the airways. This improves the breathing up to 10% within a few months as measured in lung capacity. You can regain your maximum lung capacity if you completely quit smoking. This also helps to prevent airways blockage disorders like bronchitis and inflammation of the lungs due to irritation (pneumonia)

Health Benefit: 8 Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer

The prevalence of lung cancer in people who smoke is higher than those who do not smoke. Considering the lung cancer risk posed by smoking, it is advisable that you quit. Nearly all cases of lung cancers development are associated with irritation of tobacco smoke either from smoking or secondary smoke. To reduce irritation of your airways and development of lung cancer, quitting smoking is inevitable.

Health Benefit 9: Increased Chances of Longevity

It has been found that nearly 50% of smokers tend to die early from smoking associated disease that include heart attacks, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. It is therefore obvious that quitting smoking will add more year to your life and help you live a happy and disease free life.

Health Benefit 10: Reduce Stress and Fatigue 

Several studies shows that smoking is closely associated with increased body stress levels and fatigue that is caused by nicotine dependence. Addiction to nicotine causes stress upon withdrawal of nicotine. Quitting smoking helps to improve the blood flow to different parts of the body and greatly reduces stress and fatigue.