8 Amazing Health Benefits of Marijuana

Health Benefits of MarijuanaMarijuana or weed (cannabis Sativa) is a made up of dried leaves, stems, seed or flowers of these plant. The resultant mix is green, brown or gray. It is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the world and a banned substance. Yet still, there are various health benefits associated with smoking marijuana as we shall find out in this article.

Benefit 1:  Treats Glaucoma

Did you know that marijuana treats eye diseases such as glaucoma? Well, marijuana, studies have shown, reduces Intraocular Pressure (IOP) hence reducing the chance of contracting the disease. It prevents glaucoma from leading to eye blindness.

Benefit 2: Improves Lung Health

A study published in Journal of the American Medical Association two years ago showed that marijuana does improve the functions of the lungs. The study compared tobacco users and marijuana users over time and discovered that the former suffered lung problems such as lung cancer while the latter’s lung capacity actually improved. The conclusion was that the deep inhalation of the drug may be responsible for the increased capacity of the lungs.

Benefit 3:  Aids in controlling Epileptic Seizures

In a study conducted using rat specimen, it was found that the rats suffering from seizures stopped from suffering from the same after being fed with marijuana. The inference made was that tetrahydrocannabinol, an active ingredient in marijuana helps to bind cells used for excitement and relaxation. This experiment holds key to treatment of seizures in humans, a condition known as Dravet’s Syndrome.

Benefit 4: Anti-Cancer PropertiesHealth Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana helps stop cancer spread through a chemical compound known as Cannabidiol. The chemical switches of a gene known as Id-1.It is known that cancerous cells multiply the gene in order to spread in the body.

Benefit 5:  Lowers Anxiety

Marijuana has been associated with reduced anxiety. This is particularly so for the medical marijuana. This may be helpful for pot users who suffer from mood swings. It also helps to relieve patients from pain and nausea. Care should however be taken not to overuse the drug as it can lead to paranoia.

Benefit 6: Stems Development of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disease of the nervous system, affecting people in the 65+ age bracket. A study conducted showed that a chemical in marijuana known as THC stops the brain from making amyloidal plaques which are responsible for destroying brain cells. It is the destruction of these cell that lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefit 7: Relief from Multiple-Sclerosis

Marijuana is quite helpful to people suffering from MS. In a study, it was found that patients of MS improved from the condition after smoking marijuana and experience less pain. THC, the active chemical in marijuana binds the muscles and nerve receptors, thereby relieving pain. Multiple Sclerosis or disseminated sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminata, is an inflammatory disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

Benefit 8: Reduces Muscle Spasm

People with muscle spasm respond well to treatment after using marijuana. In particular are those suffering from diaphragm spasm. This weed helps to calm the muscles of the diaphragm

Benefit 8: Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Marijuana is useful in the treatment of ailments such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The THC improves gut function as well as the immune system. It prevents cannbinoids, obtained from plants, from their permeability as well as bonding the intestinal cells.

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  • Kenez Hilton

    Marijuana works as a safer sedative that has no major side effects. There may even be a strong argument that marijuana is safer than most conventional drugs, partly because cannabis is organic whereas most pharmaceutical drugs are based on patents of synthetic chemicals.


  • se72748@aol.com

    That’s odd,anxiety is exactly why I quit smoking weed when I did .We used ro call it getting paranoid.