7 Health Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola roseaRhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant belonging to the crassulaceae family. This plant, whose other names are arctic root or golden root, is an Adaptogen. Adaptogen aid in raising resistance to stress with no effects on biological function .Rhodiola has many other health benefits as we shall find out.

Health Benefit 1: Shortens Recovery Time

Due to its high amounts of enzymes, Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) and proteins, rhodiola Rosea aids in muscle recovery after a strenuous exercise, hence shortening the recovery period. It works by initiating muscle energy situation, thus: glycogen synthesis in the liver and muscle, then muscle protein synthesis and anabolism. Finally, not only does it increase capacity endurance parameters, it also combats build up of lactic acid after exercise.

Health Benefit 2: Mental Boost

Rhodiola Rosea extracts have been found through studies with subjects reporting boost in memorization and concentration over an extended period of time. It works by raising the bioelectrical activity in the brain and apart from enhancing brain memory, it also energizes it. Apart from boosting memeory, rhodiola Rosea has been studied and found to be quite useful in improving psychomotor functions, mental functions, increased mood stability, lowered mental fatigues and enhanced sleep patterns.

Health Benefit 3: Cardiovascular Health

Rhodiola ability to lower the amounts of catecholamines and corticosteroids from the adrenal glands has been shown to aid in effectively dealing with cardiac problems such as heart diseases. It reduces destructive lipids, cyclic-AMP(c-AMP) which increases re-uptake of intracellular calcium into the heart, thus causing heart muscle contraction. Rhodiola Rosea assists in maintaining regular heart beat whilst resisting heart arrhythmias.

Health benefit 4: Anti-Cancer Properties

Rhodiola Rosea raises the body’s resistance to toxins brought about by free radical activities. It contains anti-oxidant compounds that invade free radicals and has been viewed as a useful anti-tumor agent. Rhodiola Rosea extracts have been shown to drastically increase survivor rates in patients with various types of cancers such as adenocarcinomas and bladder cancer.

Health Benefit 5: Promotes Healthy Immune System

Bystimulating and protecting the immune system, rhodiola Rosea plays an important role in promoting a healthy immune system. It restores homeostasis and raises the number of killer cells in the body in the spleen and stomach, thanks to its ability to stabilize hormones and regulation of glucocortcoid in your body.

Health benefit 6: Combats Depression

The ability of Rhodiola Rosea to combat depression cannot be gainsaid. It assists in smooth flow of dopamine and neurotransmitter chemical precursor serotonin, tryptophan as 5-hydroxytryptophan into the brain. It also assists in smooth flow of dopamine and serotonin, these substances are useful in maintain stable mental faculties such as temperature, pain perception, respiration and so on. If they are destabilized, there results abnormal mental state we refer to as depression. When combined with anti-depressants, rhodiola Rosea improves mental states in people especially those living in countries with limited amount of sunshine; such people are prone to a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

Health benefit 7: Thyroid Health

Rhodiola Rosea aids in fighting thyroid cancer by effectively dealing with side effects of the condition. Rhodiola Rosea extract eradicate short term effects of thyroid impairment.