Health benefits of herbs. Herbs such as parsley, sage, mint and others have many properties that benefit your health.


Health Benefits of Burdock Root

Burdock, known scientifically as Arctium lappa, belongs to the Asteraceae family and in the Actium genus. Burdock is a plant…

Parsley Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Parsley

Overview Parsley is a very popular in most recipes especially those that require garnishing. It is not only nutritious but…


11 Health Benefits of Carob

Carob, Ceratonia siliqua and also known as the carob tree, St John’s-bread, or locust bean is an evergreen flowering shrub….


10 Health Benefits of Stevia

Stevia, Stevia rebaudiana is a kind of herb used mainly as a sweetener. Its origin is South American country of…

Nopal Salad

10 Health Benefits of Nopales

Nopales, also known as cactus juice or prickly pears, is of the species Opuntia ficus-indica. It is a popular vegetable…


13 Health Benefits of Eleuthero

Eleuthero, (Eleutherococcus senticosus )also known as eleuthero ginseng or Siberian ginseng, is an herby shrub in the same family with…

Health Benefits of Holy Basil

10 Health Benefits of Holy Basil

Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) or tulasī  is an aromatic plant  from the family Lamiaceae.This herb  owes its origin in India …