Health Benefits of Rye Grains

RyeRye is a grain that closely resembles wheat grain but has a long and slender structure. Rye is a very nutritious grain that has innumerable health benefits as you will find out here.  Rye varies in color with some varieties being yellow, brown or green. You can eat rye in the form of cracked grain, flour or as oats. It has also been found that rye flour contains more nutrients since it is made from whole grain consisting of germ and the bran. In general, rye contains varying amounts of minerals and nutrients making it an ideal grain to provide recommended daily allowances for a number of minerals and diet fiber.

Health benefits of Eating Rye Grains

Rye Helps in Weight Loss

If you are looking for idea fiber food that will help you in your efforts to lose weight, you should consider rye grain. Rye grain contains high amount of diet fiber that has high water binding capacity. This gives you a feeling of fullness and therefore reduced the food intake. This helps in reducing your weight and cutting down on the food cravings that are associated with weight gain. Rye contains non cellulose polysaccharides that are very effective in binding water a good property for weigh loss foods.

Good Source of Minerals Salts

Rye provides various minerals in different proportions, the following are the amounts of mineral contain in rye grain.  Manganese is found in abundance in rye grain with about 72%, phosphorus is about 26%, copper about 22 %, magnesium about 15% and Pantothenic acid about 16%. Rye grain is therefore a good source of recommended daily allowance for important mineral salts.

Rye Good for Preventing Gallstones

Rye has been identified as one of the foods that help a great deal in fighting gall stones. As it has been documented by Internet Scientific Publication, rye contains high insoluble fiber a crucial diet component that helps reduce the occurrence of gallstones. This conclusion has been made from scientific studies related to occurrence of gallstones. According to researchers food with high insoluble fiber content helps the food to travel quickly through the gut and therefore reduces the secretion of bile acids.

Rye Grain Good for Diabetes Type 2

Rye grain is rich in minerals particularly magnesium that is an important cofactor for numerous enzymes which includes insulin that plays a center stage in the development and management of diabetes type 2. Rye as a whole grain has been found to greatly lower the risk of development of diabetes according to different researches. It is also an important food for people living with diabetes who are on a strict diet.

Good for Women After Menopause

It has been observed that women who are past menopause improve in their cardiovascular health with increased intake of whole grains. Rye in particular has been observed to lower the amount of dangerous cholesterol and thereby reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease in women after menopause.

Helps Prevent Heart Failure

Rye grain is an important whole grain that has enough diet fiber that’s good for cardiovascular health. Consumption of whole grains has shown in various studies that it reduces the risk of heart disease and therefore prevents to occurrence of heart failure.  You should eat more of rye grain to help improve your cardiovascular health.

Image Credit : Wiki Commons