11 Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

Health Benefits of GrapefruitGrape seed extract (Vitis vinifera) or simply GSE is a supplement   obtained from the ground   from red wine grape’s seed. This seed extract has been used together with its leaves and sap due to its anti-oxidants and a combination of bioflavonoid compounds responsible for destroying free radicals- oligometric proanthocyanidins complexes (OPCs).

Health Benefit 1: Bone Health

Grape seed extract is rich in calcium hence important in bone formation as well as enhancing bone strength. It has been used to treat a condition known as bone debility occasioned by low calcium levels in the bones.

Health Benefit 2: Anti skin Cancer

Thanks to proanthocyanidins present in grape seed etract, it is able to counter development of cancerous cells in the body. A research pointed out grape seed extract’s ability to reduce the effect of Ultra Violet (UV) induced conditions in the skin.

Health benefit 3: Cardiovascular Health

Grape seed extract contain anti-oxidants proanthocyanidins extract (GSPE) which safeguard the blood vessels from damage. This anti-oxidant is more effective than vitamins such as C and E. Left unchecked, this may lead to high blood pressure condition.

Health benefit 4: Combats edema

Grape seed extract has been found to be very effective in treating swelling in the body which occurs after injury or from surgery-usually in cancer patients. This extracts reduces the amount of swelling. Taking grape seed extract can help reduce the swelling that occurs after an injury or surgery.

Health benefit 5: Promotes Cognitive Wellbeing

The proanthocyanidins in grape seed extract are useful in reducing chances of loss of cognitive functions such as self awareness and perception.

Health benefit 6: Anti-Diabetes

Various studies have demonstrated grape seed extract’s ability to counter effect of diabetes. In one study, this extract was found to be more effective than metformin, a drug used in the treatment of diabetes. Grape seed extract lowered high blood sugar levels and raised blood insulin, better than the drug.

Health Benefit 7: Alzheimer’s disease

By stopping accumulation of compounds that cause brain plaques, grape seed extract proves to be helpful in dealing with degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces inflammation and delays the development of the disease.

Health benefit 8: Body Alkalinity

Grape seed extract is alkaline in nature, hence raises the body’s pH. This is an important aspect of body’s defense against diseases, bacteria, viruses and so on. It is noteworthy that these harmful organisms tend to thrive in acidic environment.

Health benefit 9: Nutrients Rich

Apart from being rich in bioflavonoids, grape seed extract contains nutrients such as sterols, citric acid, tocopherols, potassium, pectin and fiber. All these nutrients play important roles in bodily functions such as boosting immunity as well as defending the body against free radicals.

Health Benefit 10: Treats HIV AIDS

Grape seed extracts have been shown to be effective in boosting immunity for people with diseases such as HIV AIDs. This extract combats virus that cause HIV as well as bacteria, fungi among others

Health benefit 11: Relieves Sinusitis

Using GSE drops mixed with salt helps relieve sinusitis when the mixture is sprayed in the nose using an atomizer.


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