10 Health Benefits of Goji Berry

Health Benefits  of Goji Berry About Goji Berry

Goji berry is (Lycium barbarum), a member of nightshade family is a cross between a cranberry and a cherry, albeit with sweet, salty taste. Goji, originally from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Mongolia is touted to be a “longevity fruit”. This is because it increases ‘’chi’’, the life supporting energies according to traditional Chinese Medicine. This fruit has various health benefits as enumerated in this article.

Health Benefit1: Rich in photochemical

 The berries contain photochemicalsuch asBetaine, a digestive enzyme produced in the liver. The enzyme assist in making you calmer, improves your and assist in growth of muscle. In addition, it aids in metabolism of fats found in the liver.

Healthy Benefit 2: Liver Health

Goji berries make the liver more efficient  through action of a compound known as Physalin.This compound  aids in preventing  hepatitis B and wards  off  leukemia, among other types  of cancers .Solavetivone is yet another anti-fungal bacteria found in this berry.

Health Benefit 3: Boosts Virility

There is an ingredient in Goji berries for boosting virility, known as Beta Sitosterol. This substance cures sexual impotence and hinders prostate enlargement, medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Health Benefit 4: Anti-cancer

The photochemical Cyperone in Goji berry is a type of sesquiterpene that promotes cardiovascular health and reduces   blood pressure. This chemical aids in combating cancer and in particular cervical cancer.

Health Benefit 5: Healthy Fats

Goji berries contain fatty acid and monounsaturated oleic acid just like olive oil. This acid permeates the cell membrane and makes them supple, thereby promoting the function of neurotransmitter and insulin receptors. The importance of this role is to prevent high insulin levels. High insulin is responsible for causing aging due to the inflammatory reaction.

Health Benefit 6: Rich in Vitamin A

The vitamin A in Goji berries safeguards you against skin damage, preserves night- vision, and boosts the immune system.

Health Benefit 7: Ocular Health

The anti-oxidants in Goji berries such as beta-carotene and zea-xanthin improve eye health. Zea-xanthin protects the retina of the eye not only by absorbing blue light but also as an antioxidant. Its increased consumption of foods rich in zea-xanthin has been observed to reduce risk associated with macular degeneration, an eye disease found in older generation (65+).Am referring to soft drusen accumulation in the eyes of this age group, an early sign that precedes macular degeneration. Goji berries an important role in hindering development of diabetes-induced eye condition, thanks to taurine, an ingredient contained in Goji berries.

Health Benefit 8: Fights Free Radicals

Owing to its unique molecule polysaccharides and powerful anti-oxidants, goji berries combat and destroy free radicals which cause damage on the body.

Health Benefit 9: Increases Body Endurance

Goji berries enhance body stamina and endurance and assist in elimination of fatigue especially for convalescents.

Health Benefit 10: Lowers Body Fat

The stimulation of human growth hormone (HGH) or the youth hormone by Goji berry aids in lowering of body fat promotes quality sleep and enhances memory function. The hormone also hastens healing process and enhances virility, not to mention giving you that youthful look.