8 Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera Tea

Health Benefits of Black TeaMoringa Oleifera, drumstick, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, elixir of long life, miracle tree…These names are for one   amazing tree from the family Moringaceae. Originally I from Asia have so much health benefits, it is not a coincidence it has been christened so many names. The information we are going to find out about tea made from its extract will be a pointer to its various health benefits.

Health Benefit 1: Antioxidant Properties

Moringa oleifera tea, obtained from the leaves of the tree, is a rich source of anti-oxidant (it has 46 of them!). Just one serving of this tea will supply you with 22% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C. The anti-oxidants in moringa oleifera tea helps ward of free radicals and protects our bodies from degenerative diseases like cystic fibriosis as well as cancerous growth.

 Health benefit 2: Source of amino acids

There are 18 amino acids in Moringa oleifera, out of which 8 are essential. As such, this tea is considered a complete protein, rivalling other sources of proteins such as meat. The body requires this protein for repairing damaged muscles, healthy skin, bones as well as manufacture of enzymes and hormones.

Health benefit 3: Nutrient Rich

Moringa oleifera tea has both calcium and magnesium minerals. These two minerals work in tandem; calcium assists in building strong bones and teeth while magnesium does the part in aiding the absorption process. There are huge amounts of both nutrients  with  this tea supplying over 100% of recommended daily intake of calcium and  over 60% of magnesium .Moringa oleifera contains  up  to 90 other nutrients such as lutein,iodine,fiber,zinc,beta-carotene,to name but a few.

Health Benefit 4:  Combats High Blood Pressure

It is not in vain that Moringa oleifera tea is derived from the ‘miracle tree’. The leaves of this tree together with other parts help reduce blood pressure. There are two important substances in Moringa oleifera tea that makes it an excellent food for fighting high blood pressure: Niacin A1 and A5. It also contain magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium and vitamin E, all of which promote production of nitric oxide(NO), hence improving blood flow hence tackling high blood pressure effectively.

Health Benefit 5:  Helps manage Weight gain and Malnutrition

And enhance digestion, it corrects low-moods and combats high calories, thus assisting in managing weight. Did you know that in Africa, these tree products are used to treat malnutrition?

Health Benefit 5: Anti cancer Properties

Due to the anti-oxidants in moringa oleifera tea, it is able to effectively fight Cancer. The anti-oxidants combat free radicals, responsible for cancerous growth when healthy cells are damaged. These anti-oxidants scavenge on these deadly free radicals, destroying them and minimize risk of cancer attack.

Health benefit 6: Energy Powerhouse

Moringa oleifera boosts energy in the body more than any other supplements which purport to be energy boosters.

Health benefit 7: Treats Gastric Ulcers

Moringa oleifera tea has been found to positively impact on gastric ulcers accessioned by inflammation in the blood capillaries. The anti-oxidants in the tea eradicate free radicals hence providing relief from the ulcers.

Health Benefit 8: Builds Mood

Do you at times free stressed, foul mood and so on? Well, Moringa oleifera contains an amino acid known as tryptophan, necessary for the production of serotonin hormone as well as niacin. We all know that serotonin is a ‘feel good’ hormone; it uplifts your mood and restores your happiness. The presence of calcium and protein in this extract is a plus as far as building mood is concerned