9 Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing  Health BenefitsAbout Juicing

Juicing involves the extraction of juice from plant tissues such as fruits or vegetables. There has been debate as to whether there are any health benefits from juicing consuming whole fruits or vegetables. Many experts however contend that this is one way of obtaining higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants as well as maximizing their absorption. Let us examine these health benefits in details.

Health Benefit 1: Digestive Rest

By juicing, we give our digestive organs the much deserved break from the normal digestion process. Granted,our bodies obtain 95% of vitamins, minerals and enzymes directly from juice extract .Juicing makes minerals, vitamins and enzymes readily available in the blood stream.Notably,juicing hastens digestion since only one type of food is eaten, unlike combining various foods which requires different enzymes for digestion process.

Health Benefit 2: Recovery from Illness

Juicing aids in strengthening the immunity, bones and skin complexion. It also lowers likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases, assists in weight loss and cancer. Due to complete absorption in the body, juicing facilitates faster recovery from illnesses.

Health Benefit 3: Preserves Nutrients

Unlike bottled juices which pasteurized hence killing vital nutrients, juicing preserves all the healthy nutrients. This makes juicing a healthy alternative for obtaining all the goodness of a fruit or vegetable in their natural form. With the benefit of hindsight, heating and cooking vegetables also lowers or kills some of their enzymes

 Health Benefit 4: Longevity

Research has shown that consuming up to seven helpings of fruits and vegetables a day can greatly lengthen your lifespan. There is a current fad among various age groups involving cleansing the body through juicing. It is aptly referred to as juice cleansing and is routinely done every one to seven days. Proponents of juice cleansing say that it does help the body get rid of toxins which cause serious diseases like cancer. It is advised to go for green juicing as opposed to just fruit juice so to avoid too much sugar (fructose) in them which may cause weight gain.

Health Benefit 5: Anti-Allergy

Juicing aids in fighting allergic reactions in the body since you will be able to include fruits and vegetables that you would ordinarily not be able to eat. This is useful as deterrence to allergy associated with certain fruits and vegetables.

Health Benefit 6: Weight Loss Management

 A study established that consumption of a minimum of at least eight ounces of vegetable juice in a diet regime helps one lose as much as four pounds in just over 3 months. The juice also promotes intake of vitamins such as vitamin C and potassium while at the same time lowering consumption of carbohydrates.

Health Benefit 7: Promotes Immune System

Juicing revs up the immune system hence making it strong, thanks to the photochemical in it. It also invigorates the body through its biophotonic light energy.

Health benefit 8:  Energy Build Up

Juicing energizes the body given the various nutrients in fruits and vegetables. The fact that it readily gets absorbs gives the body a quick surge of energy.

Health Benefit 9: Brain Health

Research has shown that consuming fruit and vegetable juices at least three times a week reduces risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.