Health Benefits of Camel Milk

Health benefits of camel milk main image drinking camel milkHealth benefits of camel milk come from drinking camel milk, eating butter, camel milk cheese and other products. We are used to cow’s milk for raw milk, butter, cheese, cream among other dairy products. As a result, we may be lost to the fact other domesticated animals that have equally healthy milk. Among them is milk from camels. Camel’s milk has been used for centuries due to its benefits to the body. Statistically, camel’s milk has been found to about ten times richer in iron ad as much as three times as much as vitamin C as the cow’s milk! Camel’s milk has very important immune enriching compounds .It boosts the body’s mechanism to ward of diseases that attack the immune system.

Benefit 1: Camel Milk Good for Weight Loss

Did you know that diabetics and autistic people can greatly benefit from camel milk? This is founded on the fact that it is low in fat, a fact that means you will not grapple with weight issues and cholesterol. It is also rich in vitamins, mineral salts as well as insulin. As such, it plays a crucial role in regulating blood sugar by providing insulin just enough for the use in sugar conversion. This keeps the sugar level at an optimum level. For autistic people, any food that is rich in fat irritates them, triggering a myriad of symptoms that they exhibit. Camel’s milk is gentle to their symptoms and calms their nerves.

Benefit 2: Camel Milk Good for Autistic People

E calmer and less destructive compared with their counterparts who did not consume the milk. This largely points to the important role that camel’s milk plays in the improvement of conditions like autism. I should however hasten to add that it is important to seek a doctor’s opinion as to whether you should consume the milk.

Benefit 3: Camel Milk Good for Allergies

Some people are usually sensitive to allergens such as cold, pollen or certain foods. Some milk are said to contain allergic elements hence not healthy. Research on children subjects who drank camel’s milk found that they recovered fully from their allergies without showing any side effects. The camel’s milk also contains disease immunoglobulin which is effective in combating allergies. This immunoglobulin also referred to as anti-bodies help attack disease causing antigens.

Health benefits of camel milk 1Benefit 4: Camel Milk Good for Your Immune System

 Antigens cause diseases such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis among others which attack own body tissues. Some traditional treatments have been found to suppress the immune system. However, camel milk has been found to augment the immune system. In this regard, camel’s milk has been found to be quite effective in treating auto-immune diseases. Next time you see the Bactrian or dromedary types of camels do not view them as just beasts of burden- rather, view them as yet another good source of highly enriched milk. Camel’s milk is a perfect alternative to your regular camel’s milk. The milk is creamier and thicker than cow’s milk but nevertheless nutritious. In conclusion, Camel’s milk is rich and beneficial to your health, a fact that can be attested by nomads who swear by it as they live in hardy conditions. They are a living testimony of the milk’s immunity boosting properties. Take a cup of camel’s milk today and savour its richness.

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