9 Health Benefits of Black Tea

Health Benefits of Black TeaAbout Black Tea

Of all the three well known types of teas, black tea is the most oxidized. It also has stronger flavor than the oolong, green and green varieties. Black tea is derived from the leaves of a shrub known as  Camellia sinensis. Do you know how healthy this tea is? Well, here are the various health benefits that will make eager to gulp down a mug of black tea at any instance!

Health Benefit 1: Heart Disease Prevention

The anti-oxidants in black tea such as flavonoids aid in preventing oxidation of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL).This is important for prevention of damage of artery walls, leading to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. The flavonoids enhance coronary vasodilation, thereby reducing risk of formulation of clots. Polyphenols on the other hand contain equally strong anti-oxidant properties that ward off coronary heart diseases. The mineral manganese in black tea aid cardiac muscles in their function, hence reducing risk of heart diseases as mentioned

Health Benefit 2: Anti-Cancer

Black tea contains Polyphenols which assist in the formation of powerful carcinogens that combat cancers such as ovarian, lung, colorectal, to name but a few. Some studies have cited TF-2, a compound in black tea which induces programmed cell death in cancer cells (also known as apoptosis) whilst leaving healthy cells intact. Yet another study showed that black tea consumption lowers risk of oral cancer among tobacco product users.

Health Benefit 3: Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Black tea is rich in vitamins (B2, C, E) as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc). It also contains essential oils and tannins. Tannin in particular is an anti-oxidant which gives the black tea its colour. It boosts blood circulation and combats bacteria. The polyphenols and tannins assist the skin to regenerate.

Health benefit 4: Healthy Skin

Black tea plays an important role in combating premature aging and wrinkle formation. It is especially helpful to people with oily skin as it tightens pores and freshens up your skin, giving you a radiant appearance. It also aids in preventing the skin from premature aging and wrinkle formation.

Health Benefit 5: Brain and Nervous System

That black tea contains low caffeine is helpful in improving blood flow to the brain. The low caffeine is useful in increasing our mental concentration with some studies showing that an amino acid L-theanine helping you to relax and attain mental focus. Apart from sharpening your memory, black tea will assist in keeping Parkinson’s disease at bay.

Health Benefit 6: Energy Boost

The caffeine in black tea serves as a quick stimulant due to the compound theophylline. This substance activates the heart, respiratory system as well as the kidneys, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.

Health Benefit 7: Oral Health

The antioxidant catechin in black tea aids in lowering oral cancer .Polyphenols and tannin serve the same function as antibiotics by stopping bacteria from causing tooth decay and warding off bad breath

Health Benefit 8: Promotes Immune System

Black tea has alkylamine antigens which have been found to tackle viruses such as flu, dysentery and hepatitis

Health Benefit 9:Anti-diabetes

The polysaccharides in black tea are carbohydrates that slowly release sugar into the blood stream, hence assisting in managing diabetes. Regular black tea drinkers have been found to have fewer cases of Type 2 diabetes.