12 Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Acai Berries Health Benefits About Acai Berries

From Acai palm trees, Euterpe oleracea we get Acai berries, touted. This small, round, black-purple drupe berries which resembles grape-fruit originated from the rainforests of South America which are native to the rainforests of South America. There are numerous health benefits associated with these ‘superfood’berries as they are also known as.

Health Benefits 1: Cardiovascular Health

The high amounts of plant anti-oxidants called anthocyanins aid in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood .Their sterols promote cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation, relaxation of blood vessels as well as hindering clotting of blood.

Health Benefit 2: Assists in Weight Management

Acai berries promote weight loss through its pulp which studies on flies have shown lowers the high fats in diets.

Health Benefit 3: Boosts Skin Health

It is not a co-incidence that some beauty products contain Acai oil, owing to its high amount of anti-oxidant it is a preferred natural choice for the skin to chemicals that harm the skin in the long run. Acai oil gives the skin a radiant glow.

Health Benefit 4: Digestive Health

 Acai berries gives digestive system a boost due to detoxification properties. They also contain high amount of fiber.

Health Benefit 5: Lowers Irritation

Respiratory distress causes irritation in the respiratory system. Acai berries contain substances which suppress the irritations, giving you relief.

Health Benefit 6: Healthy Cells

At the cellular level, the anthocyanins in Acai berries protect the body cells from the ravages of free radicals.

Health Benefit 7: Anti- Cancer Properties

Acai berries fights growth of cancer due to polyphenolic compounds in them, which have been found to lower cancer by between 56-86%. The photochemical hinders carcinogenesis, hence destroying cancers cells before they spread throughout the body. The vitamin C and Ellagic acid in Acai berries improve the body’s immune system, hence enabling them to combat cancer effectively.

 Health Benefits 8:Anti-Aging Properties

Did you know that Acai berries contain ten times the amount of anti-oxidants as grape? Well, they are also containing twice as much anti-oxidant as blue berries. Due to their high content of anti-oxidants (are believed to contain one of the highest amounts of anti-oxidants on earth), Acai berries assist to stem the aging process. Aging is brought about by oxidative stress, a process that is reversed by the action of anti-oxidants. They also contain high amounts of amino acids and omega fatty acids which aid in slowing down the aging process.

Health Benefit 9: Source of Energy

Acai berries promote energy production in the body due to increased metabolism. They are natural energy booster; hence keep you energized all day long.

Health Benefit 10: Improved Sex

Owing to improved blood flow in the body, Acai berries assist men achieve erection easily hence enhanced sexual performance.

Health Benefit 11: Promotes Mental Health

The various nutrients and vitamins in Acai berries assist the brain to function at optimum level. The berries assist in preventing mental imbalance especially in women in their menopause. If you are working or studying, acai berries would be a great fruit treat to start with.

Health Benefit 12: Fights Micro-organism

Thanks to their anti-bacterial properties, Acai berries safeguards your body against infections and diseases brought about by harmful micro-organisms.

 Image Credit  : Decio Horita Yokota